KEGG Pathway数据结构




名称 定义
Pathway specifies graph information stored in the KEGG pathway map 代谢通路图 path:ko00010
Entry The entry element contains information about a node of the pathway. 节点信息
Component a subelement of the entry element, and is used when the entry element is a complex node; namely, when the type attribute value of the entry element is “group”. 组件,一个复杂的节点,比如节点为Group类型时,包含的节点,可以存放到组件中
Graphics a subelement of the entry element, specifying drawing information about the graphics object. 节点在图位信息
Relation relationship between two proteins (gene products) or two KOs (ortholog groups) or protein and compound, which is indicated by an arrow or a line connecting two nodes in the KEGG pathways. 节点之间的关系
Subtype more detailed information about the nature of the interaction or the relation. 节点之间关系的更详细信息
Reaction chemical reaction between a substrate and a product indicated by an arrow connecting two circles in the KEGG pathways. 在KEGG通路中,用两个圆圈加箭头表示底物与产物之间的化学反应。 rn:(accession)rn:R02749
Substrate the substrate node of this reaction. 反应的底物 cpd:(accession)
Product the product node of this reaction. 产物 cpd:(accession)
Alt the alternative name of its parent element. 别名 cpd:(accession)